Taste the Rainbow

Never underestimate the power that a splash of color could bring to your mood on a Monday morning. This dress- it did the trick to cure the Monday morning blues and helped lift my spirits throughout the entire day. I’ve never been one to shy away from color but this dress was a bit of a challenge. Was I to add more color or keep things neutral? As you can tell by the styling I went with both options. Why not, it’s my blog- my style!

On another note, are there any questions you have for me? I want to dedicate a couple posts specifically for reader questions; whether you’re wondering where I like to shop, what mascara I use, what size shoes I wear, where I went to college? Ask anything you’d like and I’ll answer! Feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you’re on the shyer side. I will not divulge any reader information, unless otherwise stated. Happy Tuesday my loves!

Get the Look: Dress/Old Navy [exactly], Jacket/Thrifted [similar], Shoes/Old Navy [exactly], Scarf/Target, Bracelets/ Signature Style c/o, Clutch/Send the Trend, Ring/Payless

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