[Review] Hana 1 ½ Flat Iron

Hello my loves! Today I thought I would try a different topic than style…HAIR! I’ve never been afraid to experiment with my hair, I’ve had purple highlights, honey blond hair, a pixie do’ and have chemically straightened my hair for years. My typical hair routine consists of wash, blow dry for a little over an hour and finishing it off with a ceramic flat iron (Rosita). However a couple weeks ago she died on me. Yeah, she apparently decided that my unruly hair was too much for her to handle. And for a chick that needs that extra zap of heat to tame her teases, I was in desperate need for a new weapon to add to my armory of hair care tools. Enter the sweet sweet people over at Misikko. Right after the untimely death of Rosita, the generous people at Misikko asked me to review the Hana 1 ½ inch flat iron. What kind of perfect timing is that?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve received the Hana 1 ½ inch flat iron. My thoughts: best flat iron EVER! And I’ve had my share of flat irons, trust me on that. After almost 16 years of straightening my hair I’ve come up with a formula of the features to look for when purchasing a flat iron. You want to look for the capability of heat adjusting dials, ceramic finish and versatility. The Hana flat iron has at least two of these features. I love that the heat settings go as high as 450°F and that it’s a ceramic flat iron. As far as versatility goes, I haven’t tried to curly my hair with the Hana 1 ½ flat iron yet but already assume it will take time to get used to since I’m accustomto a 1” iron. However I’m sure the Hana flat iron will not only be comparable but a better alternative (I’ll keep you posted).

So if you’re in the market for salon grade hair tools, that actually work, head over to Misikko and take a look around.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Misikko, however any opinions stated above are that of my own.

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