Currently Craving: Signature Style Boutique


I’ve recently become obsessed with jewelry. Normally I like to keep things simple, usually donning on pieces of significance; you know- a family aireloom or a gift from the hubby. But all that changed when I started blogging. I started seeing chicks with great costume pieces and adding color with a statement necklace. Oh, and don’t even get me started with sites like Jewelmint, BaubleBar or Send the Trend. (I’m a member to all of the above btw.) I’ve definitely become more adventurous with my choice of jewelry, even to the point of having that statement piece do the talking for an outfit. Which brings me to my currently craving choice of the day: Signature Style Boutique. Great pieces, all under $40?!?! Now that’s what I call affordable. My fave part about the shop, the jeweler Kirsten Byron is local (to AZ)! So if I’m looking to purchase a piece of her amazingly fresh jewelry, all I have to do is shoot her an email and we could meet up for the transaction. No shipping charges for me:)

Now head on over to Signature Style Boutique and get me a little something something. Just kidding! Not really…

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