New Year. BETTER Me.

Around this time people often sing the phrase, ‘New Year. New Me.’ No sir! I don’t abide by those rules. I’d like to rework the moto and say, ‘New Year. BETTER Me.’ I’m happy the way I am, but there’s always room for improvement and I plan to improve my life this year and every year after.

This is my vision/inspiration board for 2012. A culmination of photos, people, words that show what I want to accomplish for this year. These ring true to all aspects of my life- my marriage, spiritual journey, this blog- basically life in general.

The Words: Faith, purpose, connection, friendship, health, growth. Pretty self explanatory if you ask me. Growth in my life, this blog and my faith. Connection/friendship to new and frequent readers, Phoenix style bloggers, and people in general. To fulfil my purpose in life and on this blog with the help of God. I want to live a healthier lifestyle. No dieting- just watching what I eat, take walks/runs, enjoy the Arizona air! 

The Images: Kendi, Keira, Twitter, this blog, and photos of me. Kenid and Keira are some pretty stylish ladies. They are excellent writers and seem like such down to earth women. In the blogging world, I really look up to them and want to grow this lil ol’ blog in the same way they grew theirs- with elegance, style and a little sarcasm. I would love to utilize Twitter more to connect with friends and my readership. In this day and age, social media is key! The photos of this blog and me- I want to continually grow! I hope to keep finding my own sense of style, whether it’s good or bad at least it will be mine:)

So, here’s to a new year of all of the above and more!

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