[Denim Revival] Red Dead Redemption

When: December 20, 2011

I have been a little weary to take the plunge into the bright, colorful denim trend. As stated before the Denim Revival challenge was put into place, my jeans and I were not willing to compromise. I wasn’t willing to slim down and they weren’t willing to loosen upon my hips. And bright denim only screams, “Look at me!” (Specifically, look at my hips and thighs) But I took the plunge anyways. Because what is this style journey I’m on, if not a roller coaster of both good and bad style decisions. Am I right? And what better way to wear red denim to the office than to style it up in a well-tailored look.


For all you gamers out there, the titles’ dedicated to you. My husband would be so proud.

Wearing [Jeggings] American Eagle, [Chambray] Old Navy, [Blazer] Burlington Coat Factory, [Flats] Old Navy, [Necklace] Target, [Bracelets] DYI + Old Navy, [Watch] Fossil

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