There has been an advent series going on at my church called Share Christmas. I’ve been meaning to write a little about each topic, but Sunday’s after church have been spent relaxing in front of the TV (I’m a little disappointed in myself too). So, for the next couple of Sunday’s I’ll bring you a summary of the message I took away from each service. I hope you come back every week! Enjoy:)

Sunday, December 4th: HOPE

The world is a broken place and many are looking for real hope. However, if we don’t know where to find that hope, we misplace it.

On the 4th the pastor spoke about how back in the day the entire nation of Israel hoped for a savior. Someone who would resolve them of their sins and be the rightful, almighty King. When finally the Messiah arrived, there were two kings, King Harold and Jesus. But Harold was a ruthless man who created a hopeless world. When he was made aware of this new savior, he sent his minions to kill any child under the age to two. I haven’t read the Bible (something I would love to do one day) but when I heard this I was amazed. Amazed at how the people of Israel continued to hold hope for this chosen savior. Their hope did not falter, their faith stayed strong and true. They held hope of King Jesus, the rightful king.

When I think about what hope is to me I think about my future and the future of my family. What I hope for us. Do I misplace my hope? Probably at times I do. But what human person doens’t make mistakes. That’s when we kneel down and pray for forgiveness of our indiscretions. He is hope for a our broken world and we must continued to hold our hope in Him. He will drive us in the right direction. He has an intention for us, and while we might wonder what that is, we must hold hope in Him and trust that He knows what he’s doing.

Keep your faith strong,


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P.S. Come back later today for a new feature: Faith Meets Fashion!

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