Faith Meets Fashion

Good girls don’t have to dress bad. Is there a stigma that Christian’s are overly modest and don’t dress to impress? Maybe but I’m here to help break down those walls! Today’s post is meant to show you that some of us see ourselves the way God does, beautiful and fashionable!

Meet Andrea Fickel. A 17 year old high school senior. She describes her style as urban chic. Tall boots, leggings and over-sized shirts are her go-to’s. She loves to express her love for the Man upstairs through music (she has a beautiful voice btw).

He gave me this voice as a gift, it is only natural to share it through worship. I trust Him, He is my rock, He is my strength.”

Please sound off and leave a comment if this is a feature you would like me to post regularly (i.e. on Sunday’s). I would love to hear from you!

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