Ahoy, Maties

When: December 6, 2011

Yes, that is a scull scarf styled as a belt. I needed something to complete the look and this scarf was the first thing that came tomind. Why? Well cause I’m a pirate of course. What, you didn’t know? I know pirate lingo like a true woman of the sea but edit meself for the likes of you scallywags.

Ye old lassies know nuttin ‘bout being a buccaneer. I pillage, keep me stuff in shipshape and even have a skull and crossbones tattoo to show I’m dangerous! Actually, not all of that is true. I don’t pillage anything, I’m pretty messy but I do have the tattoo; it’s on the nape of my neck. Apparently I thought I was badass my junior year of college.

Wearing [Skirt] Thrifted, [Shirt + Cardigan + Boots + Tights] Target, [Necklace] Forever21, [Scarf] Thrifted

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