The Goodness of God

So as some of you know, attending church and reaccepting God into my life has been a recent thing. After realizing that I had been spiritually hungry I stopped fighting it and let Him in. It’s been a very therapeutic experience. I am starting to look forward to Sundays; listening to His word, letting go of all of my stresses from the week prior and just praising His name.

Unfortunately my husband does not feel the same way about God as I do. When I talk to K about this subject his argument is that if he can’t see it, it’s not real. He believes that we all go somewhere after death, but where, he does not know. Just imagine Shane West’s character in A Walk To Remember, that’s K. After today’s service I got to thinking about the message the Pastor was preaching: the goodness of God. You know, the evidence in this world that proves He exists and that He is good. I immediately thought of my husband and a rebuttal to his argument.

Personally I believe in the goodness of God because of the beauty we experience each and every day. From the cuteness of a chubby baby to the feeling of being loved. That is beauty. From music and art to people like Katie Davis. That is beauty. There are so many beautiful things around us that it’s hard to believe that He is not behind it all.

I may not see Him but I know he is there. When I have the perfect afternoon with my husband, when my dog cuddles up with me in bed, on days when I feel my happiest and days that I feel my worst. He’s there. Jesus believed that God was good. He confirmed through the Bible that God was ultimately a good and loving father. His goodness permeates everything. He loves us no matter what; deeply, intimately and individually.

Keep your faith strong,


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