Denim Revival

Recently I’ve expressed my disdain for jeans. It might have to do with the fact that they’ve been fitting a little snug on me lately or the fact that they suck at life. Either way, I’ve participated in a denim boycott that needs to an end. I want to give them a second chance.

The main reason you don’t see jeans styled up on the blog quite as much as pretty skirts and dresses is because they are a Friday thing at the office. And if I try to dress jeans up on Friday I look like a weirdo cause Fridays are meant to be about relaxation and the thrill of a tee shirt. However we were recently told that for the week of Thanksgiving and the last two weeks of December jeans were acceptable. Wait, what? I almost considered including non-outfit-y(?) posts for that time. Why? Well because of my lack of innovation when it comes to jeans. But that’s silly! So I’m taking this chance to figure out different ways to wear jeans that fit my style.

So keep a lookout for this feature: Denim Revival. Each post will include a different way to style up jeans, whether warm and cozy, fun and flirty or daring and edgy. Stay tuned!

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