Stripes Two Ways

When: November 16, 2011

Stripes- a fashion bloggers best friend and on Wednesday I rocked it two ways: vertically and horizontally. Not inventive but definitely fun. Maybe next time I’ll don on two different floral patterns. Oh, it’s gettin’ crazy up in here!

Happy Friday my dear friends! Thanks for stopping by each and every day and showing your support. I really appreciate your continuous love and encouragement. You keep me doing what I love! Now, if only I could make a career out of this…

Wearing [Sweater] Old Navy [Jean Blazer + Pleated Skirt] Thrifted, [Flats] Payless, [Belt] Burlington Coat Factory, [Necklace] Target

**Don’t forget to enter the Steve Madden handbag giveaway or else I’m keepin’ this little beauty to myself!

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