Hi Mom!

When: November 14, 2011

I kind of hate that I’ve hopped on the leopard/cheetah print bandwagon. For a long time I thought the print looked tacky, but some of my favorite bloggers have made me think otherwise (Kendi, Jessica, Kate and many more). Is it mean to say that it reminds me of my mom from back in the day? Let’s just say she liked to dress provocatively and all through high school she thought that I didn’t dress to show off my figure. Weird? Yeah, that was my mom.

She used to have this see-through ensemble, a la Jasmine from Aladdin. It was racy and very leopard print. And this wasn’t a Halloween costume my friends. I have a clear memory of her wearing it to a party when I was maybe five or six.

I’ve incorporated the trend very subtlety recently (my leopard print flats) but today I’m paying homage to my mommy.  She would be proud. But I could hear her now, “No boobies? Y que’s with the tights?”, in her broken Spanglish accent. Like I said before, yep that’s my mom.

Wearing [Coat] Forever21, [Sweater] Target, [Forever21 Skirt] Thrifted, [Tights] Target, [Boots] Old Navy (on sale), [Necklace + Earrings] Charming Charlie’s

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