Pump Up the Volume

When: November 10, 2011

A simple way to add intensity to any outfit is to substitutea normally neutral item with a vibrant color. Yes my lovelies, this is one of the skirts from my recent thrift store visit. Isn’t she beautiful (in a loud and obnoxious way of course)? Oh, and I also picked up this cute jacket! I feel so old Hollywood.

For my next thrift trip (it may or may not be taking place today) I have come up with a list of items to specifically look for so that I don’t over shop:

  • Lace pencil skirt
  • Plaid shirt
  • Ankle boots
  • Pattern pants

As you can tell, I may possibly be trying to replicate Delmy’s stylish ensemble. What personal style blogger hasn’t barrowed an outfit or two (or three…or four)?

Happy Friday my friends!

Wearing [Jacket+ Skirt] Thrifted, [Tee] Target, [Wedges] Bakers, [Necklace] Thrifted, [Watch] Fossil, [Lipstick] CoverGirl (305): Hot Passion

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