American Woman

When: November 1, 2011

I feel like such a politician’s wife in this getup. So presidential, do you think? Wait, hold up! Better yet, I’ll be the politician running in the next election. Put me down for the Fashionista Party candidate. These are some of the main points in my platform:

While in office there will be No Shoe Left Behind. All brands of shoes will be given the chance to strive and be a better shoe. There will be no prejudice, whether you’re a platform, a flat, a wedge or even a boot. You will be given the opportunity to succeed.

I will continuously promote the declining job market. We must restructure the American business environment to aid and develop small businesses like Ruche, ShopMamie, and LuLu’s.

I will focus on Foreign Policy. While in office theAmerican government will import luxury goods from our stylish friends in Italy for leather, silk from China and textiles from Sri Lanka.

And lastly, I will sit down with my delegates and the Departmentof Treasury for a serious discussion on our Fiscal budget. Our Nation needs to be devoted to the welfare of the modern day woman. Yearly shopping sprees for all!

Vote for me!

Wearing Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory, Pants: Express, Shoes: Target

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