Twelve by 2012

I was browsing around on stumbleupon at work the otherday when I came across the Twelve by 2012 challenge. I wish I would have taken note of the site that issued the challenge but I didn’t. All I have is a sticky note with ’12 by 2012’ in chicken scratch.  The concept is to choose twelve tasks to complete before the end of the year and post on your blog so you are held accountable for the list. Genius! I’m a constant writer of to do lists, so this should be fun. Here’s my list, which I really hope gets accomplished before 2012.

  1. Sit down with K and create a legitimate budget to go by
  2. Go to the Grand Canyon
  3. Finish painting bedroom art DIY project (that I started back in August…)
  4. Go to the Phoenix Art Museum
  5. Finish reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  6. Ditch a day of work with K and have a stay-cation
  7. Start furnishing the backyard (at least get rock back there)
  8. Do something new to my hair (cut? color?)
  9. Purge my closet of unnecessary clothes, shoes, purses
  10. Start anniversary scrapbook project
  11. Buy a mountain bike
  12. Sign up for a 5K

Will you be joining the challenge? 

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