Hair Therapy

I tend to change my hair a lot. Actually, I take that back- I used to change my hair up a lot. I’d go from long to short, whether it was a pixie haircut, a bob, or long tresses. I’ve had honey blonde hair, purple highlights and a lot of experimentation with red. But since K proposed I was determined to grow out the locks for romantic wedding hair. Since the wedding {a little over a year ago} I kept the longer hair. I’ve since changed up the color every now and then but I haven’t had a legitimate haircut. Until yesterday! I am thankful for the “New to the Neighborhood $40 off any Service” coupons I received in the mail a couple weeks ago.  So Wednesday I got my color at one salon and yesterday Igot my haircut from another. And the result is this!

I’m totally going to have to get used to it but I’m happy with the end result. So what do you think, you like?

Well today starts a long, romantic weekend that K and I set aside to actually take in our first year of marriage. We plan on relaxing, golfing and enjoying time together. I hope everyone has a charming weekend filled with the company of loved ones. In the meantime, feel free to browse some old photos of my hair evolution. I’ve had many bad haircuts but in the end, I don’t really regret any of them. Change is part of life! TGIF!!

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