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For all my bloggers out there, are there days when you wonder why you started blogging? You think to yourself, “What’s the point, no one’s reading anyways”. I have those days, more often than I would like to admit, and today my heart and mind were weighing heavy on the existence of Fabulously Average. So, as I was sitting at my desk at work I decided to make a pro and con list. As I read through my list I was little disappointed and ashamed of myself. Since when did I become a savage blogger? Luckily it has never been about the free swag or money. However I will admit that sometimes the numbers get to me. I let the fact that I don’t have as many followers as others hurt my feelings. And ladies and gentlemen well ladies, that thinking needs to stop. Now!

So this post is dedicated to Fabulously Average. My blog, my hobby, my baby. I love that this site has evolved into something that I have become passionate about. FabAve, along with other personal style blogs, has helped me manage my budget, has pushed me to be creative with my style, and has helped me mature into a better writer. More than anything else, Fabulously Average has helped me grow. And that my friends, is priceless {enter Visa commercial here}.

After rambling on for so long you might be wondering why I started Fabulously Average in the first place? Well, I started FabAve as an attempt to have (1) a creative outlet, (2) a way to keep my family and friends back East in the loop on what’s going on in my life and (3) a way to make friends. This blog has definitely been a successful creative outlet for me. The chance to get to write again, for fun nonetheless, has been remarkable. It’s also become very therapeutic. When it comes to staying in touch with my loved ones back in Virginia, I think Fabulously Average has done just that. I love getting random texts from friends on an outfit post or on a weekend outing. And those back home have gotten a look at where we live because of my House Update page. Because I rarely take time to keep in touch with those back East via phone/cell, FabAve has taken form as that new life line. My challenge has been creating friendships. Since the move across the country it has been rather hard to make friends. Because I’m behind computer screens all day, the opportunity to extend myself to those around me has been difficult. Making friends as an adult is completely different than when we were younger. Those opportunities are no longer there {class,study group, parties, etc.}. The chances of an out of office meet up are few and far between. So I wanted to use FabAve as a way to meet other bloggers and people that love the same things I do. The blogosphere is such a fascinating place and a great way to meet new people across the globe. I am slowly getting to know other bloggers and their lives and it has definitely helped me when I feel lonely or out of touch. Yes, I have my husband but he’s not the same as a female companion. Sometime you just need to relate to another woman.

Now that I’ve shared with you my intentions, or that of FabAve, I wonder: will this blog change to fit the taste of my fellow blogger? Absolutely not. As I grow, in both life and my personal style, Fabulously Average will grow with me. But I will never resort to dressing or writing to gain a certain approval. There is absolutely no reason why I should be comparing FabAve to other personal/fashion blogs. Cause it’s not. And while I would love to grow my readership, I need to stop comparing this blog to others out there in the blogging community. If you decide to stop by, thanks! I hope I shared with you a little of my life and that you continue to read and be a friend.

So I would like to thank you all, frequent visitors and newbie’s. Thanks for stopping by today and letting me pour my heart out to you. Thank you for listening and for the support. I hope to have you stop by more often. Say hello, I don’t bite;)

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