All that Sparkles

When: October 18, 2011

Miss Marilyn Monroe said it best when she sang that diamonds were a girl’s best friend. But I don’t necessary think it’s the diamonds we are drawn to. I believe it’s all about the sparkle. Women are attracted to anything shinny and that glistens in the sun, and that was my goal for Tuesday’s outfit. But because I work in a (semi) corporate office I had to be a bit more subtle than I would have liked.

After seeing Jill from Good Life for less wear the green version of this shirt I was in love. Stripes and sequence? Can’t get any better than that! So I headed to my local Target and snatched it up. I wanted to keep the sparkle trend going with my ensemble so I added nude metallic flats and silver metallic nails. Big fan of the contrast. I then topped the look offvwith a hint of turquoise. I felt like a Parisian school girl all day, and if youvask me I accomplished the subtle look I was going for. 

Wearing Top: Target, Pleated Skirt: Forever21, Flats: Target, Belt: Charming Charlie’s, Necklace: Esty

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