Spirituall​y Hungry

{Let me start off this post with the fact that I amreally upset. I would like to state that if this post sucks it’s becauseTumblr lost the original and I had to rewrite off of my horrible memory. Yes Iknow, I should have written it in Word but I was in the zone and didn’thave time. It’s my fault really… }

On Sunday I decided that I wanted to change up my usual routine of doing absolutely nothing. I wanted to partake in something that would get me out of the house and would provide personal growth. So I woke up, went on a run, got in the shower and went to church. Now, I had been doing some research on the local churches in my town, you know, to find the one that would suite me and my needs. I finally settled on the Grove because I thought it would be the perfect fit, but I was a little weary because I hadn’t gone to church in far too long.

As a child I went to church pretty regularly but not by choice. Like many children I was forced to go but didn’t surrender my life to Him until I attended Camp Wo-Me-To in the fifth grade. I had gotten the message and was ready to have Him be a part of my life. However as I got older I got off course and lost the values and teaching that were instilled in me. Things changed when I met my good friend Rachel in high school. She was devoted to Him and I admired her loyalty. We went to church every Sunday, attended Wednesday student ministries and were a part of Young Life. But then it happened again,once I went off to college I had gone astray.

As I sat around all the different kinds of people yesterday Ifelt great. The energy in the room was electric and something that I had beenmissing for a really long time. It felt great to worship and listen to Hisword. Paraphrasing Pastor Palmer, I had been spiritually hungry. For some timenow something had been missing, especially since the move across the country. ButI think I found what was missing.

As I was leaving I felt anew after feeling a little lost. I realized then that I must let Him take complete control of my life and let Him do his job. But it’s one thing to listen to His word and another to put it in to practice. So I am aware that I will struggle but I’m determine to try. My next mission is to have K attend church with me. That might be a more difficult task but I’m up for the challenge. God will definitely have to help with that one.

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