Packing, my Mortal Enemy

For those that know me, it’s no secret that I hate to pack. After a trek across the country with all of our belongings, then the move across town to our current home, K and I vowed that we will never move again. You might have thought that my hatred of packing was limited to that of home furnishings like wine glasses and pictures frames, but my disdain for packing is much deeper than that. With how much I cherish my clothes, you would think that I value the time I spend with them and would put great care into packing  for this weekends’ trip to Colorado. But you are sadly mistaken. The planning is overwhelming. The anxiety of leaving something behind is nerve wrecking, it’s just all too much.

So I did some reading. And I think I’ve come up with the perfect formula to packing (for a weekend trip). You don’t need to go by this equation verbatim but definitely establish general guidelines that would make it easier for you to get yourself together for the daunting task (I’m telling this myself in the mirror).

The one and most important rule is to pack a few items of clothing that work well with each other and can be interchanged. It’s that simple! Everyone knows the basics: a good pair of jeans, toiletries, to check the weather for the days of your stay but the most important thing to me is not to over pack (I tend to do that, which gal doesn’t?). So I figured this is the perfect time to apply what I learned during my 30 for 30 summer remix challenge and work off a few items. Sorry my packing revelation wasn’t as ground breaking as you were expecting but you just have to deal with it.

The editing process is not my best friend. The fact that United Airlines requires its passengers to check-in their bags if not considered a carry on item is ridiculous. Females should have an exception. And what’s with this 3-1-1 rule? I think I’ve got my general clothing items accounted for but toiletries? Not so much. And what if there is spillage? The horror, oh the horror?!?

Ok, I’ve rambled on enough. I hope I didn’t just lose friends by sounding like a crazy, neurotic, obsessive compulsive person. Do you have any suggestions to make my packing experience easier?

(things I plan on packing)

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