When: September 15, 2011

Can you see the sickness in my eyes? Well it’s there. And in my nose. And in my throat. Yep my lovelies I am sick. This is the reason you didn’t get an outfit post from me yesterday. I decided to stay home and try to recover, but that didn’t really help. Today I made myself go to work and boy was that a bad idea. I was coughing up a storm. People actually moved away from me.

Since I wasn’t feeling my best today I knew I had to doll myself up as best as I could. I didn’t have the energy to shave mylegs (TMI?) but didn’t want to wear pants, so a maxi dress fit the bill. Add on a blazer for a little professionalism, a chunky necklace and comfortable sandals and I was good to go. But let’s not forget the red lipstick, a definite must in times when tired eyes need to be disguised.

Was I successful?

Wearing Maxi: TJ Maxx, Blazer:Target, Sandals: Mix No.6 via DSW, Belt: Target, Necklace: Target

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