Model Behavior

In honor of my favorite show of all time (no lie), I thought I would divulge some embarrassing information about myself.

For most of my life I wanted to be a model. I thought it was so glamorous, leading such a jet setter life. I’ve always been tall and thin, so naturally I had to be a model. However I never thought I was pretty.

My junior year in high school America’s Next Top Model premiered. Here was Tyra Banks, one of the worlds most beautiful women trying to find and mold the next generation of models. And I so wanted to be one of them.

These girls weren’t conventionally pretty. Well, most of them were. But Tyra saw past that. She searched for the potential in a girl and what she could bring to the table. I really got the message. I didn’t have to be beautiful, I just had to be confident.

Year after year I filled out an application for ANTM and snapped some photos but I never had the courage to actually go to my local mall and apply. One year in college my roommate and a couple of friends convinced me to apply. The application was completed and we were ready to go. It was the closest I’d been to applying. But I just couldn’t do it.

Now, I’m 26 (the age cut off for the show) and I totally regret never going for it. I wish I would have had the balls (excuse the term) to actually apply. I think I would have been awesome!

The above picture was taken my freshmen year of college, right after I had cut off my tresses for the first time. It was really short! I loved it (at the time). I thought it was the perfect look to get on the show. But then again, I never applied…

17 seasons later I am still a loyal fan and I couldn’t be more excited to watch tonight show. T-32 minutes!

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