Calling All Shopaholic​s

When: September 12, 2011

Hi, my name is Joanne and I’m a shopaholic.

If you follow me on the Twitter then you are well aware of my constant recent urge to shop. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I see something and I want it, kind of like a three year old child. Shoes at Ruche, a dress from ModCloth, a necklace at Shabby Apple , and hot pants from Express. Thankfully, out of my endless list of online wants there was only purchase (Express pants). But the casualty my friends was my debit card (I don’t believe in credit cards for this reason exactly).

Right now I don’t have the funds to fill the emptiness for new wardrobe items. As a responsible adult I should also be thinking about saving for important things like my health, my family and my home. So boring I know. With all that said, I fell off the wagon yesterday. HARD. Well, not that hard. I shopped at Kohl’s for the first time and realized it’s not as discounted as I was expecting. I was excited to see celebrity designers brands like Jennifer Lopez’s self titled collection, Simply Vera and LC Lauren Conrad (my absolute fave). But it was all pretty pricey. If money weren’t an issue I would shop accordingly. If only.

I got this cute little number yesterday. I absolutely adore this dress. The polka dots, the pleats? Me loves. Well done Miss Conrad, well done! It’s perfect for work and I’m excited to include it to my ‘must pack list’ when the fella and I head to Colorado later this month. But more on that later. I also got a pretty wicked neutral blazer from her collection. Hey, I’m only preparing myself for the frigid Arizona winter. Is my sarcasm that apparent?

Wearing LC Lauren Conrad dress via Kohl’s, Sleeveless top: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Flats: TJ Maxx, Watch: Macy’s

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