A Day Full of Fashion

When: September 8, 2011

I really hope I’m not the only blogger out there wishing they were attending the amazingness that is NYFW. Yeah, I didn’t think so. I would settle for being in the city experiencing the hustle and bustle that fashion week is bringing on to the already spectacular big apple.  However,I have a confession (a la Usher): New York is a little too dramatic for me. I used to like going up there with family when I lived on the East Coast for a day trip of shopping but any more time there, too much. Says the girl that was born in Brooklyn.

But to those that can’t attend the circus that is NYFW, on Thursday across the country the fashion industry brought us Fashion Night Out! Were you as excited as I was? Well I would have been more excited if I had attending one of the many events that were taking place here in Arizona. Unfortunately I don’t have a buddy to take with me and I’m way too scared to hit up one of the haut spots without a pal (so that I didn’t look like a lonely loser). Man,I need blogger friends out here. Better yet, I would settle for a friend in general.

Wow, I sound like a grade A reject. Hey, don’t judge. It’s pretty difficult to make friends when you are out of the high school/college setting. I can’t just chat it up with gals in front of the keg like I used to. It’s not that easy in the real world. Enough about my sorry life, I hope the Fashionista’s that are at NYFW are taking it all in and having ablast. And to the other stylish ladies that had the pleasure of attending one of the FNO events, I hope you had fun and won some loot!

Wearing Top: Old Navy, Pants: TJ Maxx, Cardigan: TJ Maxx (?), Shoes: Target, Watch: Thrifted

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