Fierce Fashion Friday’s: JewelMint

You remember Fierce Fashion Friday’s? Yeah, it’s been a while. I hate that I have dropped the ball on this feature because I loved showing you all some of my beloved trends, brands, etc. I’m going to try to slowly bring it back to FabAv so be patient with me.

Have you signed up for JewelMint yet? No, well head on over to their site for an exclusive look into what jewelry styles are haut right now! I signed up a couple of weeks ago and being the indecisive girl that I am, I have yet to pick my first piece. So I need your help! Below are some of my favorites, please take a look and leave a comment voting which piece I should get as my first purchase. Also, when you sign up, your first purchase is 50% off. But the discounts don’t stop there! JewelMint is always having some type of awesome promotion, so you’re guaranteed great prices. At $29.99 a month, you can’t get a better deal on cute, quality jewelry.


Wondering what other brands, trends and wardrobe must-have’s I’ve featured on Fierce Fashion Friday’s? See previous posts below! Enjoy:)

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