EBEW: Mixology

Please welcome me back with open arms. I’ve been so busy with the house and so discouraged at work that when I got home and found out we had internet, I sighed with relief.  

It was 8:37pm and I have finally given up building Ikea furniture for the day. Frustrated, I ran upstairs (we have a second level!), changed into my pj’s, grabbed my laptop and turned on the TV. What was on? The Devil Wear’s Prada. My mood instantly turned around and I got to relax. Hope had been restored.

Today I’m taking part of the Everybody Everywear challenge: Mixed Prints! I thought it was scheduled for yesterday, so I was quite excited when I discovered that I was wrong. Joy!

Wearing Top: Forever21, DIY Skirt, Shoes: DSW, Belt: Burlington Coat Factory

Check out the other lovely ladies participating here.

                                          Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

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