EBEW: Thrifted Treasures

Worn to July 21, 2011 to work

Now, when I go thrift shopping I set my radar to the focus mode. I have certain specifications that I look for. It’s like the four C’s to shopping for an engagement ring: cut, color, clarity and carat. I have my own formula when thrifting: pattern, texture and color.

I tend to avoid anything that I could get at any major department store and usually gravitate towards eye catching patterns, textures and colors. Thrift store are mainly stocked with vintage, retro pieces so it is the perfect place to search for original items.

When I lived in Northern Virginia I rarely made trips to the local thrift shops and when I did I never really found anything I liked. Living in Arizona it’s a totally different story. It is remarkable the items that I have found, totally original and totally unique. The pickin’s are amazing, like this little red, polka dotted number.

When I walked in to my local Savers a couple weeks ago this dress was the first thing that caught my eye. It was a good hundred yards away but I knew I had to check it out. As I slipped it on, man oh man did I fall in love. It was like it was made specifically for me. What’s not to love: the bright color, the polka dots, the midi-length skirt? All major signs to a wardrobe favorite.

So, hit up your local thrift store and discover the different styles and era’s of clothing. Even if you leave empty handed enjoy the experience.

Wearing Dress and belt: Savers, Earrings: Target, Sandals: Old Navy

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