30 for 30: Final Thoughts

One of the main goals during the 30 for 30 challenge is to learn how to work with what you’ve got and decrease the need to spend. This appealed to me because I have a tendency to over shop. Now, I’m not talking about dropping $100 on a single item, I’m way too cheap for that. I’m talking about spending $100 on an entire outfit. To me, it’s all about the rush of a sale item. I justify those purchases because of the numerous items I buy but it is still a problem. A problem that has gotten me into trouble in the past and now that I’m part of a family of three (me, K, and our dog Chandler) I have to be financially cautious.

I personally think that I failed that part of the challenge. Yes, this was my first 30 for 30 remix challenge and while I did learn to successfully remix my wardrobe I don’t think I quite learned the ‘moral’ of the story. I really did want to not shop during the last 30 plus days but I just couldn’t do it. (See below for a sneak peak at my amazing purchases)

I’ve taken some time to think  about what money and my wardrobe mean to me. I am certain that everything I’ve got in my closet and dresser is enough to have a stellar outfit every day of the week. The deciding factor on whether an outfit is everything I want it to be (and more) is up to me. The 30 for 30 challenge has taught me that much – I can make an exceptionally cute outfit out of the most basic items. I just need to add some flair.

With all that being said, I’m cutting myself off. Yep, you heard me right. My paycheck will  be used for more efficient purposes like home appliances and grownup things. And the rest, well that will be safely kept in my savings account for the future of my family. When I told my husband what I was doing I don’t think he bought it. So yes, I’m doing this for myself and my families future but now I’m also doing it to prove my husband wrong, which makes it a win win for him.

So it begins today, no more shopping. But I’m going to be realistic with this goal. I’m going to set a date where I will go shopping, if I find it necessary. The date being set: September 1st. So join me if you’d like. If you want to try your hand at being financially responsible I wouldn’t mind a friend or two for moral support. Message me here or feel free to contact me via email  or twitter. And if you’re based out of Arizona, totally reach out!

Now, what did you learn during your 30 for 30 remix challenge? Any insights to your shopping habits or your remixing abilities? I’d love to hear your conclusions! (BTW- Later today I’ll try and have a round up on my entire 30 for 30 and I’ll include my favs of the second half.)

Well, that’s enough for me (right now). Sending positive mojo your way, have a great week!

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