Fierce Fashion Friday’s: Nail Art

Lately accessorizing your nail polish has become a fashion must. Whether it’s by matching the color of your ensemble, having lavish, detailed designs or trying one of the many new trends out there for the 2011 Summer, your nails are the next big thing. Today I’m not going to be going over all the nail trends that are making a splash across the pages of Vogue but will be observing my favs for the Summer. I’m totally going to be trying some of these looks, they are so chic!

Metallic’s and Gold: This futuristic look is so in this Summer. We last saw gold polishes as one of the top trends for Winter 2010 and they’re making quite a comeback. While shades like metallic, pale gold and opaque give off a sophisticated, classy vibe they are also very bold. If you’re looking for something a little more risqué (like me) try polish with a little shimmer or glitter (or both!).


(image via refinery29)

Blue Hues: My new obsession for the Summer is blue nail polish. However, instead of keeping it in the darker hues I’m leaning towards the bright pops of blue from the pastel and neon shades. This trend first appeared this past Spring and I think it will last well through the Fall. I recently purchased Sally Hansen’s Blue-Away and I’m in love. The best thing about this color? The wide variety. I’ll stick with the lighter shades for Summer but for Fall I’ll probably go darker.

Neon Nails: This sexy summer do is straight from the 80s and making its mark in 2011. Not only making an appearance in many collections in the fashion world it is also apparent in nail salons everywhere. Rihanna, Kimora Lee Simmons Honsou, Miley and many other celebrities have been seen with magnetic mitts. Maybe only on my toes, this is trend will be appearing in some of my posts! 

Ready for an at-home pedi? Before attempting the new statement accessory prep your toesy’s with this spa pedicure guide courtesy of Keira from A Pretty Penny.

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