30 for 30: I’ve got the blues

Worn July 8, 2011 to work It may be Friday but my week of sitting dazed, confused and bored out of my mind doesn’t end today. 

While you spend your Saturday sleeping in, lounging at the pool and having fun in the sun I will be confined to a little room with other reckless drivers. Yep, that’s right. Tomorrow I will be spending my entire day (from 8am to 4:30pm) in a defensive driving class. Yay! I can’t contain my excitement (sarcasm).

Me? A defensive driver? Of course not! But when your home sick from work, feeling miserable and dizzy, apparently you shouldn’t be behind the wheel. But who else was going to take me to the Urgent Care down the road in the middle of the day?

Wearing: top (Target), skinny jeans (PacSun), Mix No.6 denim sandals (DSW)

As a result I ran a red light for my safety and the shmucks at the Arizona Motor Vehicles office decided to force me to attend a defensive driving class. And I say force because if I don’t do it (within the allotted 60 days) then my license will be suspended. Oh. No.

So tomorrow will be a fun filled day of learning the rules of the road and people watching.

Have a great weekend!

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