30 for 30: Nobody likes you when you’re at 23

Worn July 7, 2011 to work

Is it just me or am I extremely far ahead in the 30 for 30 challenge. Some of my favorite bloggers like Keira from A Pretty Penny, Linda of Little Tin Soldier and Kelsey of Snappy Casual  are just breaking the half way mark. Kendi herself is only at number 19. Man, I need a life… or a hobby. But this is my hobby.

Today I was asked by a co-worker if I already had my first non-30 for 30 outfit lined up for when I finish the challenge. I don’t and that makes me nervous. What if there are too many options for me to choose from. During the 30 for 30 remix challenge I have been steadily arriving at work on time (because I don’t have to riffle through my closet). I could see it now, first day free to wear other items and I will resort to my 30 chosen items.

I guess I’ll continue to forge ahead and count the days until I have complete access to my closet.

Wearing: dress worn as a skirt (Victoria’s Secret), Guess lace top (Macy’s), flats (no clue), earrings (DC street vendor)

Btw- Nobody likes you when your 23

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