Party Tips: July 4th

Note: Today’s Fierce Fashion Friday’s (FFF) post is being substituted with a more festive post! In light of the extended, holiday weekend please enjoy what I hope are helpful tips for attending a 4th of July soirée.

As we near one of the most celebrated holidays in the nation, we’re all either attending a party/barbecue or hosting one. Whichever of the two groups you fall into, chances are, you need a festive outfit for the occasion.
Tip #1: Don’t go overboard.
How embarrassing is it to show up at a party overdressed? Kind of mortifying if you ask me and I like to stand out but not that much. If you are likely to fall victim to this blunder, try asking the host what the attire is or asking your friends what they’re wearing to the party. Even go as far as scheduling a shopping trip. Which leads me to my next tip…
Tip #2: Sport your red, white and blue, it is a MUST.
This holiday has a limited selection on color options but it’s all good, this is the perfect opportunity to accessorize. Be creative when it comes to ensemble creation. Note: it’s a fourth of July party so you have a right to bare arms. Safest bet? Comfy maxi dress (in red, white or blue) with color coded accessories. 
Tip #3: Offer your help.
I can only imagine the stress that comes with planning a fabulous soirée.  With planning comes possible anxiety and not to mention the expenses. That’s when you should offer your assistance, either arriving early to help decorate, bringing a easy snack or preparing some pre-made drinks.  Try this simple drink recipe, the July Passion:
1 oz Strawberry or Cherry Liqueur
1 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Passion-fruit Juice
1 oz Lemonade
Shake and strain into a glass three-quarters filled with broken ice. Add lemonade, garnish with a sugar-dipped strawberry/cheery and serve!
Tip #4: A hostess gift is thoughtful.
Not mandatory but considerate.  It’s a good  way to acknowledge all the hard work that the hostess did; both the time and money spent. Try a bottle of wine (Ménage a Trios is both delicious and affordable), a small house plant, or a box of chocolates.
I hope I was helpful. With these tips, get prepared for a fabulous Independence day!

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