30 for 30 Recap: Halfies

So, we are half way through the 30for30 remix challange and I’m starting to feel bad for all the other items in my closet…they must feel neglected. But I’m nearly over with my first remix and excited for the next 15 outfits!

Here’s a recap of the first half of my remixes. What do you think? I think I’ve gotten the jist of the whole challenge but like I said, I’m ready for the next half.

My first five ensembles-> I’m a big fan of day 1,2 and 5. Do you have favorites?

Days 6-10, I think I’m happy with all of the above with #9 being my fav Comfort and sass, and a bright color, what more could I ask for?

And the lastest five outfits. I love the comfort that today’s outfit brought but I would say my favorite of this bunch would have to be #14, so girly!

Let’s finish strong!

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