30 for 30: Only 17 more days…

So today was one of those days. After a stressful day at work I proceeded to a friends’ house for dinner. The beer was necessary, the enchilada’s were delicious, and the smore’s were amazing but I’m happy the day is over. 

K didn’t show up from work (and traffic) till after dinner so my bff Meghan took today’s pictures. You can notice: attention to detail! Meghan, her husband Bryce and their Chesapeake Bay Retriever Jewel have made the move from Virginia to Arizona. Yay! And to make the situation better they are living with us, in our tiny apartment, until we move in late July to our house. They too will live with us there-> constant fun!

Right now its quite the cluster but once we all make the move in to more spacious quarters everything will be calmer. Well, I don’t know how calm it can be with four people and two dogs…I guess we’ll have to see.

{Wearing: Dress (Target), Sleeveless Collard Shirt (Dick’s Sporting Goods), Flats (TJ Maxx), Earrings (Target)}

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