30 for 30: 12 Days of Christmas

Today I decided to try my hand at thrifting. Now you might be asking, “You’ve never been to a thrift store before?”, and the answer is yes, yes I have. But this was different, it was my first adventure here in Arizona. And boy is it an experience! I went to this one local in a senior citizens community and was expecting the one shop I Googled but no, I entered the thrift store Mecca. There were five in one plaza! Ridiculous!

As I walked in to the first in the row my mouth was in aw of all the pretty things I saw. But then I quickly closed my mouth once I smelled the stench odor of old people. What was I expecting, I was in an old folks community.

I walked around and took in all the pretty color coded racks, vibrant pinks, subtle mints, it was amazing. It was like Christmas, the sequence, the floral, I was giddy! But that’s when the owner walked up to me and told me that they were closing. Closing? It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Apparently they open from 8am-4pm. I walked out quickly to hurry to one of the other stores and realized the entire plaza was shutting down for the weekend. So, to my dismay I headed home empty handed. But I’ve already penciled in my next trip after the 30×30 challange ends, where I will probably spend $30 one a ton of stuff. Man, am I excited!

{Wearing: V-neck Tee and white Shorts (Target), Sandals (Old Navy)}

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