30 for 30: Eight Simple Rules…

…To successfully having a miserable, crappy, stressful morning. All minor situations that majorly had an effect on my day.

1. Woke up to a loose shower nozzle, which almost caused me to take a shower in our tiny guest bathroom for the second day in a row. Irritation level: 7

2. Traffic on my way to work, nothing new but still aggravating. Irritation level: 4

3. Tried to log onto my computer only to be locked out. Called help desk, got answering machine. Called 3 times and finally got assistance. Thirteen minutes wasted. Irritation level: 5

4. Got coffee only to realized that there was no more creamer or sugar. Irritation level: 6

5. Mid morning meeting, spilled coffee on my new, dry clean only skirt. Probability of a permanent stain. Irritation level: 9

6. Tried to call the AZ Motor Vehicle Division office for clarification on a possible drivers license suspension (I ran a red light and paid the fine, what’s the big deal?) and the numbers they provided didn’t work. Irritation level: 10

7. Something was wrong with my headphones for the first half of the morning, which didn’t allow me to listen to I Heart Radio. Irritation level: 4

8. Scheduled a conference call with a client and was extremely unprepared. Irritation level: 8

Luckily my day turned around when I found out the office was having lunch catered. Free Taco Salads for all? Yes please! 

Racerback Tanks (Target), Coral Petal Skirt (Forever 21), Braided Belt and Grey Studded Flats (Charming Charlie’s)

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