30 for 30: 7th Heaven

I love this dress, its floral heaven. Correction, its dress heaven. Light weight, pink, and girly, everything a girl could ask for in a summer dress. However, why I do love the light weight fabric, I also think it’s a bit problematic. Especially for work. Now this dress is not short by any means (I pass the fingertip rule with flying colors) but the light weightiness of the material causes me to think that its tucked into my underoos. You know, that terrifying feeling you have when you leave the ladies room and you realize that you, or a woman in your peripheral view, has their dress/skirt tucked into their underwear. Mortifying! I’ve had this happen to me way too many times, so I know this feeling well.

The light weight material also causes the ‘whooshing’ effect. What is the whooshing effect you ask? Well, in this scenario it is a swift movement or flow of fabric that exposes a body part, be it a booby or a butt cheek. Usually caused by a gust of wind on a windy day, quick twirling movements, or walking swiftly. But this dress was ideal and simple for the day, so I’m not going to continue to complain. As part of my 30 for 30 remix I must try and find other ways to sport it around the office and I think I’ve got a couple ideas for future outfits. Stay tuned!

Floral Dress and Black Tank (Target), Black Flats (TJ Maxx)

Wondering what the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge is? Click here for details!

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