Fierce Fashion Friday’s: Its A Man’s World


In the spirit of the upcoming day for the dad in our lives, I thought I would dedicate a blog entry to menswear for women. I was quite the tomboy as a child and looking back my step-dad (RIP) had an influence in what I wore. For him it was all about guayabera’s, which is a popular men’s shirt worn mainly in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Menswear for women has been around forever. It can be mixed with feminine pieces for a composed, natural look. But if worn wrong you can definitely end up on Fashion Police. Worn simply, it adds androgyny and structure to any outfit.

My observations:

  • Consider menswear designs, textiles and fabrics like plaid, tweed or pinstripes. It adds a punch of sophistication without being overly obvious.
  • Vests! Perfect for layering over a graphic tee or worn on its own for a little bit of sex appeal. It pulls an outfit together and can make any look preppy and tailored.
  • Keep it classic and wear a white button-down shirt. The easiest item to include in your wardrobe, when tailored to your body adds a masculine touch in an otherwise feminine outfit.
  • If you really want to sport menswear with your ensemble try to experiment with your shoes. Oxfords are big right now but you can also try patent leather heels, loafers or boat shoes.
  • And last but not least the ultimate menswear inspired piece- a tailored blazer. Done right, it can be added to any ensemble. Try it over a maxi dress, pair it with jeans or layer over a tee shirt. But don’t settle for the obvious black blazer, add some color! White, orange or red. And remember, make sure it’s fitted to your body for extra oomph.

For more menswear inspirations click here.

Now, how has a certain man in your life influenced your style??

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