30 for 30: Numbero Tres

Today I woke up ill-equipped for what my closet had in store for me. Unlike the beginning of the week, I did not pre-select my 30 for 30 ensemble. And you want to know a secret? I kind of dislike my outfit (insert Facebook dislike button here).

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I look like mustard, both Dijon and ballpark, or the fact that I don’t think my shoes go with my outfit but I felt awkward all day.

People in my office were probably wondering if I got dressed in the dark today and I might as well have. But I’m bound to have a bad outfit day or two (or seven), so I’ll post this embarrassing selection and deal with it. But if this goes down in history as my worst outfit choice ever I’m going to be upset. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn worse!

Strapless Summer Dress (Old Navy), Mustard Cardigan and nude wedges (Target)

Quick note: This dress is the replacement of the over-sized skirt from day 2, which was the replacement of the DIY skirt from day 1.

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