30 for 30: Deuces Wild

I am establishing a personal 30 for 30 remix rule for myself: I will no longer choose my outfit the night before. For the second morning in a row I had to rearrange a pre-chosen outfit, which in turn caused me to run late for work. What’s up with that?!?

The skirt that I originally picked for today’s ensemble was a new one from Target. I was uber excited to sport it around the office but when I tried it on this morning it didn’t quite fit the way it did in the dressing room. It was too big, which is never the case and impossible because I’m pretty sure I didn’t shrink a size in 2 days. Nevertheless, I was able to throw on this combination of a skirt and a top with the quickness and run out the door, sadly without breakfast.

But with a new outfit comes a new day, day 2 to be exact. And like yesterday, I am happy with my 20 second getup.  I was comfortable and sassy, a mixture you can’t hate. So here’s to another 28 days of morning madness. Will I be able to do it?

Xhilaration Top and Skirt (Target), Girl Mia Shoes (DSW)

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