30 for 30: #1

Day one of the 30 for 30 remix challenge has come and gone and although I look happy and confident in my neutral colored outfit, this morning was a difficult one for me.


In an effort to reduce my getting ready time in the morning I put together my outfit last night, totally content with my choice. However this morning I was extremely disappointed with my decision, enough to make me reconsider the inclusion of a certain DIY skirt. Said skirt will be removed from my 30 item selection and be swapped with a more versatile, comfortable, appropriate alternative.


This ensemble is the result of a mad rush out the door, and I love it! The fact that I have never considered putting a blouse over a dress for a completely different look makes me question my creativity. This weekend while browsing other remixer’s past remixes I noticed a trend- in an effort to revamp a dress bloggers have added different tops over-top to create different looks. Genius! So again, day one over and only 29 more days to go…see you tomorrow!


Dress, blouse, belt and necklace (Target), Jelly Sandals (DSW)

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