Fierce Fashion Friday’s: The New Blockbuster

Colorblocking has become everyone’s’ favorite trend lately and I’ve hopped on the wagon. I think it looks so cool, eclectic and wrong in all the right ways. I have recently gone shopping for some pieces that include vibrant colors just so that I could colorblock like the best of them. Do I hear a wardrobe challange? Definitely be prepared for a wardrobe diaries entry dedicated to colorblocking. 

My observations:

1.    Clash of the titans. It seems like the rules of fashion have always advised against the clashing of colors and patterns but rules are meant to be broken, right? Instead of clashing the usual colors (black, grey, white) the statement is to use BRIGHT colors. Which brings me to my next observation…

2.    Incest is key, only in this instance! Of course you want to clash but it’s all about like colors: pinks, reds, greens and blues. Let’s keep it in the family.

 3.    3’s company. It seems like designers, stylists and fashionable chica’s on the streets seem to use three colors. Why three you ask? Well, I don’t know but I think it adds more depth and punch to the ensemble. It adds more intrigue than just two colors. 


Now my question to you, (paticularly to all the avid fashion/style bloggers out there), can you colorblock with black slacks/skirt?   

(images via http://www.styleguru.com)

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