Wardrobe Diaries: Aye Aye Captain


No, I don’t live in a pineapple under the sea. No, I’m not absorbent and yellow and porous is he. But nautical nonsense is something I wish! Happy hump day y’all! I hope everyone is as eager as I am that the weekend is almost underway. I’m ready to jump overboard and hit the high seas. Today’s sea worthy outfit is inspired by the nautical trends of the 2011 Summer. 


Striped Top (Burlington Coat Factory),  Linen Blend Skirt (Old Navy), Espadrilles (Payless)

I am a big supporter of the striped sailor look, it’s so effortless and chic. So hit the deck and read my observations on how to wear this classic, iconic style:


  • The Basics- the key essentials of this trend are  stripes, wide-leg trousers and boatneck sweaters.
  • Simplicity as an alternative to wearing a boatneck sweater that has an embroidered anchor on it, find items that are effortless. Simple alternatives on the trend that aren’t obviously nautical are the way to go.
  • Easy Does It- Don’t overdo it! It’s not necessary to wear the stripped top, wide-leg trousers AND boat shoes. You are trying to show one inspiration to your outfit and not look like you’ve gone overboard (get it?).  

Happy Sailing!

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