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This afternoon/evening I decided to skip the gym (like I have all week) and took the time to go to my favorite blogs and check out their daily reads. In the midst of reading other personal style blogs I got both overwhelmed and excited. Wow, the blogging community is so large…and stylish! I went ahead and started following a couple new blogs and I’m excited to include them in my daily reads during down time at work;)

Since starting my blog a little over a month ago I have really enjoyed writing again. It has given me a reason to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and tell you about my life, my style (or lack there of) and my surroundings. I totally think that I am gradually finding the path to my own style and, what’s the word…swag! The incorporation of Wardrobe Diaries has totally motivated me to rummage through my closet and mix and match patterns, styles and colors in ways I’ve never done before. I’ve basically stepped up my game!

So, THANK YOU blogging community (specifically style/fashion bloggers). I will totally be borrowing some styling tips and tricks and will definitely give credit where credit is due.

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