Wardrobe Diaries: Flood Ready Pants

Congratulations for surviving another weekend. The constellation prize?  Another agonizing Monday but at least we are all closer to Friday and the thrill of a brand new weekend.

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend. My weekend was typical with highlights every now and then. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the gym so I’m going to be going iiinnn on my gym hours this week. Hello bikini season.


Poetry Clothing Blouse (TJ Maxx), Necklace (ASOS), Mossimo Pencil pant (Target), Jelly sandals (DSW), Betsy Johnson Sunnies (TJ Maxx)


Apparently ankle/pencil pants are my new thing. It’s like an okay to wear high-waters. They are ideal for rainy days, running errands and appropriate for work. However not everyone wears them properly. I feel like there are three imperative rules to sporting ankle/pencil pants:


  • Go for a slimming silhouette like a skinny leg, not wide leg pant.
  •  Rather than sitting at the ankles, which can make your legs look short and stumpy, purchase pencil pants that fall right below the calf.
  • Wear heels to extend your legs, again to avoid looking short(er).

I hope I was semi helpful. Have a great week!

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