Fierce Fashion Friday’s: Dress Code for Life


(I may be sick, but I’m not dead…Enjoy!)

The fabulously average woman knows that a well-rounded wardrobe is vital. These signature pieces can be found on a budget and stand the test of time from season to season. So take some time to go through your closet and reinvent each piece with different accessories or add-ons. There’s no need to go shopping every weekend to stay trendy, with these classic, season-less items you’ll always be a fashionable fashionista!  

Little Black Dress (LBD): This is one of the fundamental and the most necessary item in a women’s closet. Every woman has at least oneLBD (I personally have 3!). It can be worn as a single piece for a day look or jazzed up with accessories and hawt pumps for a night on the town. A personal favorite of mine, it not only offers versatility but it comes in so many varieties that there’s one out there for every body type.  

Fitted Jeans:So, I really hope I’m not the only woman that has difficulty finding the perfect pair of jeans. I think it’s a universal thing. As a result, the instant you come across jeans that compliments your figure, you’ve got to have them whether they cost $60 or $180! Jeans are as essential as the perfect LBD. They too can be dressed up or dressed down in a matter of minutes.

Pencil Skirt: The pencil skirt never goes out of style. It is perfect for a classy and chic office look. Like a tailored jacket or blazer,  a pencil skirt can make you look professional – in a sexy librarian sort of way. Always remember to have at least one that is in a neutral shade (like black, gray, beige or navy blue) and right above the knee. Don’t be afraid to pair this up with sky high stilettos and pearls.

Cardigan: Found in any department store, a bright cardigan can add pop to any dull outfit. The ultimate layering piece, any hipster or socialite can rock a cardigan. It can be worn with a dress or tights, paired with a belt at the waist or with a scarf – the cardigan is an extremely  versatile staple in any closet.

Sexy Stilettos/Pumps:There’s no doubt that a pair of sexy stilettos/pumps can spice up any outfit. You can personalize every outfit with a stunning pair of pumps, whether they come in red, royal blue or yellow or have spikes, glitter or rhinestones. But a pair of black pumps are the ultimate must-have. They are sexy, stylish and give any dress or pant a femme fatal look. The love/hate relationship I have with my stilettos are forever (like diamonds) but some thing’s need to be overlooked for the sake of fashion!

V-Neck White Tee: Timeless, classic and sexy in its own right, the v-neck white tee can be worn with any possible combination. Tucked in with a full skirt and flats or paired with skinny jeans and wedges, the white t-shirt will always be around. This must-have item gives you the chance to accessorize and have fun with the other essentials in your wardrobe. So head to your local Target or Gap and purchase a few.

What do YOU think are wardrobe must-haves?

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