And so it begins…

I had to do it. I had to go through the trouble of rearranging my closet. What is supposed to be a woman’s heaven is my hell.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a fashion love affair with almost every item in my wardrobe but it’s just such a cluster. Every morning I waste me valuable getting ready time (which I hope to cut in half and go to the gym with) to decide what I’m wearing for the day but with all the mess I can’t see everything. So I put on my mean muggin’ face and started the process. 

First things first- The first step that I took was going through my closet and pulling out pieces that I just couldn’t live without. I would die without my flowing peasant top that pairs well with black tights and riding boots, or my newly purchased olive ankle pants that look great with my skinny yellow belt, white v-neck tee and ballerina flats. This pile grew rather quickly.
Step deux (two)- after rummaging (for a second time) through the heap of clothes that I labeled must-haves, I continued scanning the rest of my closet removing the clothes that were ill fitting, no longer appealed to me and just plain old ugly. This pile was surprisingly just as big as the first. I was impressed with myself and surprised at some of my fashion choices. I put this pile in bags and set aside for my trip to Plato’s Closet (where I later made $62!) and Goodwill. 

What was left? A bunch of versatile, very cute, wearable clothes. My closet looked fantastic and kind of empty! There was less disorder and more focus.


BUT in a month or so all the work that I put into this project will be null and void. Once we move in to our beautiful dream house (with a HUGE closet) I will have to reorganize everything all over again. But it’s totally necessary. In order to have a full view of my wardrobe and all the assembling possibilities I must reorganize efficiently. I’m ready for the challenge!

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