Wardrobe Diaries

I am by no means an authority on fashion. There was a time where I wore a pair of jeans that had holes, which were covered in lace, and tinted red. Yeah!?!But the way I see it, I took the risk. However, that risk taker spirit has died down as I got older. I became more trendy, followed the crowds if you will. There’s nothing wrong with following the trends, I just think that along the way I lost my individual style.
I am currently in a crossroads between finding my personal style and staying with the trends. I’m starting to take baby steps towards who I think I am fashion wise and I understand that there is no black and white way to be fashionable. A well dressed fashionista doesn’t need to be risk taker OR break the bank. By now we all know that confidence in ones’ own style is the trick, that spark that keeps us coming back for more. That spark creates icons.
And that brings us to the restructuring of my blog. It’s the same blog with a modified new name. You’ll still get updates on my life, my random views on the world and life as a newlywed but I want to gear this towards a Personal Style blog. Not just mine but yours. I would like you to take this journey with me, as I make my way through my closet (which needs some major reorganizing) and re-evaluate my style.
However, according to my husband I am on a stick fashion diet! In the last week he has come home to 3 packages, all for me, all containing either shoes from DSW, jewelry from Forever 21 or clothes from Victoria Secret.  I am not longer allowed to go to Target without a financially responsible adult. But as I thought about it, he has a point. I have been spending way too much money for the sake of fashion. We are in the process of buying a house, so my spending habits have to change or else we’re out on the street. So this blog will help me restyle my style with what I’ve already got in my chaotic closet…

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