Confidence is Acceptance, and a little red lipstick

I’ve come to the realization of what my body and style really are (I think). After 26 years on this round sphere we call Earth I have found that special feeling inside me that projects confidence. Not everyone has this confidence in themselves enough to let it shine. For a long time I was too busy wondering what people thought about how I looked and what I was wearing. Surprisingly I found some time ago that inner confidence to not care what people thought about me as a person. I’m goofy, a little outspoken, definitely a flake and I’m okay with that. Why should anyone tell me to be different? Quoting the Lady of Gaga herself, “I was born this way.” However, the ‘looks’ confidence was a struggle to say the least.  When it came to how I looked I have always been way too worried about how others see me. Don’t we always hear that fashion is ones’ sense of expression? That the thinner you are the more happy your life will be? I could swear I heard that there was some kind of correlation between thinness and happiness.

You read magazines where women say that confidence is the application of red lipstick or sky high peep toe stilettos and I could see that. In my opinion it’s that feeling you get when you are truly and utterly comfortable in your own skin. I’m getting older, which I guess means I’m getting wiser because the realization I had in regards to my body image and the clothes I wear has been reveling.  That realization in turn became acceptance. And that acceptance has become confidence. I have the confidence to be okay with my curves, that little bit of cellulite I have on my thighs and my crooked feet. I have the confidence to not go with the trends if that’s not what I want to wear. I’m not going to lie, I do need my mascara and well styled hair to feel my best but I’m to the point where what I look like does not define me anymore.  

If you have found that acceptance within yourself, well congratulations! Go out and celebrate! Do, say, wear what makes you CONFIDENT.  I wish I had always had this outlook in life. Hopefully my younger sister is reading this because I want to pass along this message to her. That feeling you have to please everyone, to follow the trends, to look like everyone else…that will all pass. It just takes some time. The earlier you come to this realization the happier you will be.

Now, take some time to self reflect. Do you really want to wear those ugly, studded, sheepskin,wood, chunky heel sandals that everyone is painfully wearing? Do you really want to deprive your body of that deliciously greasy slice of pizza? Sure, you can actually like those chunky heel sandals that you would never catch me wearing (sorry) and you could opt for the bag of celery sticks, totally your choice. But that’s the point, it needs to be your choice. Not that of your best friend, Cosmopolitan magazine or that really cute guy across the hall. Hopefully you feel confident enough to wear those sandals or to carry that extra 5 pounds with confidence.

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