Average or Fabulous?

Average has always had a unenthusiastic connection to it but it’s not technically a bad thing. Normal, standard, regular…average. OK, I see where everyone is coming from. No one just wants to be average –  they want to make adifference, have their mark on this great green Earth. People in this generation don’t settle for average anymore.  It’s not about the white picket fence or the college diploma or even the simple little black dress. In this day and age we all want the gigantic mansion with the rod iron gates, the double Masters in bio-chemistry and the perfect LBD with sequence, cutouts, and floral applique.

But since when has being average not been enough?

I am an average woman, with average looks and smarts. I was average enough to get an average college education. AND average enough to get an average entry level job. I was coasting through life. Sure, I had a couple of speed bumps and a handful of extraordinarily awesome events but it all can be lumped in as averageness (word of the day).

And that brings us to this blog- a mild attempt of breaking the non-complexities  of being average.  Maybe I won’t have a trillion followers (like the oh so fabulous Perez Hilton) or even a hundred but I think I would settle for 10, for now;) So, in the words of Alex Mack, “I guess I’m not so average anymore.”

Happy May!

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